Hello world!

Welcome friends and folks interested in Jim Thorpe, the man, the legend, and the beautiful town in Pennsylvania — the gateway to the Pocono Mountains, the Switzerland of America.

There is always a lot to talk about in Jim Thorpe — the arts, history, architecture, adventure, and even ghosts. I plan to talk about it all.

However, now that  Jim Thorpe’s son is suing our town to bring his father’s body back to Oklahoma, in the coming days we’ll examine the original deal, how it came to be, some thoughts from folks in town who were around at the time, and how Jim Thorpe, PA has honored Jim Thorpe, the man and his memory.

I write this now from the old Times-News building, which operated here on Race Street from 1927 to 1967,  during which its longtime editor Joe Boyle started the nickel-a-week campaign that ultimately brought Jim Thorpe’s body and name to the towns of Mauch Chunk and East Mauch Chunk.

As a reporter who has written for two newspapers with Times in their names – and continues to write for the Northeast Times in Philadelphia, I have a special affinity and respect for the story and for the people who brought it all to life. I look forward to sharing it with you.

One Comment on “Hello world!

  1. Hello – my grandmother, Mary (Boyle) Nicodemus grew up in the old Times building at 25 Race Street. Her brother was Joe Boyle. She told us many stories of growing up alongside the printing presses, and my father has many fond memories of his time at Race Street visiting the family. Mauch Chunk (my grandmother could never get used to the Jim Thorpe name) is a beautiful town. I visited there a few years back and hope to get there again this year.

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