Leprechauns or the spirit of St. Patrick?

Today these Celtic knot medals with the prayer from St. Patrick's breastplate were available to those attending Immaculate Conception Church in Jim Thorpe.

It’s a beautiful morning in Jim Thorpe this day after the feast of St. Patrick. The clock tower is playing When Irish Eyes are Smiling and the meditation hymn after communion at Immaculate Conception Church’s 10:30 a.m. Mass was Danny Boy.

I don’t know if it was leprechauns or the spirit of St. Patrick that whispered in the ear of the Rev. Ward and softened his heart to allow not only the beloved Irish song sung beautifully by the organist, Jeanette Richards, to be played but also to make available for attendees Celtic knot medals with the prayer from St. Patrick’s breastplate.

It may be a week after the Ancient Order of Hibernian Mass, where such thoughtfulness would have warmed hearts and brought back good memories of previous celebrations at the church. In any case, today’s remembrance was appreciated by this writer and others in attendance. Here’s hoping Danny Boy is a sign of good things to come at the 2013 St. Patrick’s Day AOH Mass.

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