Jim Thorpe bids Two for the Road a fond farewell

Business owners and residents gathered at the Josiah White Park on Monday to thank Rand McNally and USA Today Best of Road judges Dusty and Nikki Green for visiting Jim Thorpe – the first town on their tour of Most Beautiful Small Town in America hopefuls, wish them safe travels and ask them to come back to Jim Thorpe and stay a while longer.

Like a pep rally sans the pom-poms, everyone cheered “We’re number one,” as the Travel Channel camera rolled.

The Greens who hail from Austin, Texas, arrived in town late Saturday afternoon and less than 48 hours later were on their way to Kentucky.

Be sure to check out their first Two for the Road blog post about their visit to Jim Thorpe and follow their month-long trek across the country to find the most beautiful small town in America. You can also follow them on Facebook.

It looks like Nikki Green doesn’t want to leave Jim Thorpe. With the keys to the city, you and Dusty are welcome to come back any time.

While we all know that Jim Thorpe is the Most Beautiful Small Town in America, the official winner will be announced in USA Today on July 16 and the Best of Road program will air on the Travel Channel on July 23.

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