Magical Halloween on historic Race Street

Halloween labyrinth, Jim ThorpeOn the dark side of the mountain, Race Street in Jim Thorpe is a magical place.

Here at the bottom of the valley of Old Mauch Chunk in front of the Stone Row and the old church, residents and shopkeepers will gather with brooms in hand to sweep cobwebs out and magic in.

The event will begin in the Stone Row Gallery, 29 Race Street, with an exhibition of ghost photography . The work is by Kevin Yee, whose Victorian Cabinet Card Creations have been attracting the attention of serious collectors.

5:00 p.m. – Pennsylvania writer Colleen Davis will read her most recent short-short story, ” 31 Days of Ghosts.” Christian Gould will perform Edgar Allan Poe’s much-loved ‘The Raven ” in period dress.

6:30 p.m. – The sweeping ritual will begin. We welcome visitors to historic Race Street and ask they bring along their brooms, and even their Masks, and Capes to join us in circling the spiral Labyrinth in the Race Street Park..

Refreshments appropriate to the occasion will be served from antique cauldrons on the Etching press in the gallery.

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