Love is in the air in Jim Thorpe

Roses and champagne at Times House

The best part of operating the Times House is being privileged to be a part of celebrations – part of a person’s, a couple’s, a family’s history.

This past weekend Chris and I were excited to host two honeymooning/mini-mooning couples, two folks celebrating birthdays and other couples enjoying romantic getaways right here on historic Race Street.

On Saturday, we’ll attend the wedding of a young woman for whom I waited to be born so fervently that I can remember what I wore, where I went and what I was doing on the day she was born. After her early years, I didn’t see her very much and didn’t participate in a lot of her celebrations for a variety of reasons. However, as she walks down the aisle, I’ll remember that day and the joy her birth brought to her family.

As innkeepers not as local to family these days, we don’t get to host or attend as many functions as we once did – all the more reason, we enjoy helping our extended family of guests celebrate.

In October, we’ll celebrate 10 years of inn-keeping at the Times House. During that time, we’ve been blessed to be a part of countless birthdays, anniversaries, proposals, honeymoons, and served as a home base for brides and grooms before and after the wedding. One couple even exchanged vows just themselves in their suite.

On Sunday, Chris and I will celebrate our 12th wedding anniversary. We also honeymooned in our beautiful Jim Thorpe and are thrilled to have the opportunity to have others fall in love with the town the way we have.

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