Ghosts and gargoyles galore in Jim Thorpe

Ghosts on Broadway? You decide.

Another better late than never post.

I’ve always wanted to meet a ghost…but only at the precise moment that I am ready to meet one and not a moment before.

If you’d like to meet a ghost this weekend in Jim Thorpe, chances are good that you just might.

The Jim Thorpe Rotary Club Ghost Walk will take goers on an eerie tour kicking off at the Inn at Jim Thorpe, up Broadway and down historic Race Street, offering stories of ghosts past and present. Reservations are recommended as all Hallow’s Eve approaches. Call 570-325-2346. Tickets: Adults, $10; Children 7-12 $5.

While the Old Jail is always an interesting place to explore, Halloween ghost tours are extra fun. Not a haunted house attraction but definitely haunted, you might still have time to explore the cells tonight. For more information, visit their website.

Gargoyles on the Chapel of the Resurrection look over the graves of Mauch Chunk’s movers and shakers.

If you prefer gargoyles to spirits, check out last year’s Halloween blog post.

Happy Halloween and stay safe. With the storm approaching and possible power outages, we could be in for a very spooky Halloween.

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